Blog Introduction

Popular culture and new media are increasingly asserting a place in the classroom, but also in the narratives of traditional media such as novels. Fictional narratives and Young Adult fiction in particular increasingly represent the ways in which technology has changed the way we interpret the world. This blog looks with particular interest at the representation of technology and in particular the ways in which young people are becoming more politicized around issues raised by technology, focusing on the representation of such issues in Young Adult fiction. Young people are often represented in the media as being apathetic and a-political. The vested interest of young people in politics, has always been evident and increasingly these interest are being expressed. This is perhaps because of an increased access to communication and networking. Whilst none of this is new ground, this blog looks specifically at the overtly and self consciously political, works that do not shy away from the political nature of their audience, they do not attempt to hide their agendas or assume that the reader will not be interested in the political elements of the narrative.


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